Who We Are

Angels Specialist School International (A.S.S.I) is an institution with a 23-year tradition of commitment to quality education and positive child development. We began this journey as READ International, a centre dedicated to early-childhood language development. Over ten years, the small handful from our pioneering class grew into a loyal and passionate family of inspired children and parents. With the encouragement of this loyal family, we decided to expand our program to give our children all the tools to fully express and harness their potential thus Angels School was born.

Our journey began with nine (9) students. Presently we have over 500 hundred students at our Community 12 campus. Our students are distributed across five departments, which are:

  • PreSchool (1 ‐ 5 years)
  • Primary (6 ‐ 11 years)
  • Junior High (12 ‐ 14 years)
  • Lower Secondary (12 ‐ 14 years)
  • Upper Secondary (14 ‐ 16 years)
About ASSI

Our quest to build the world's greatest school is purposeful. With daily strives, pin-point with carefulness and long-term effort we look to impact the minds, hearts and lives of all pupils, students, teachers and parents who have and are yet to benefit from our programmes, facilities & faculties. We hope to achieve this through the pursuit of the school's Mission, while focusing on every factor of it. As we do this, we keep in mind, every single child and understand that Angels Specialist School International means a Specialist School where Excellent Education affects children to be angelic.

Our Mission

To give that excellent education that affects the character, thinking and behaviour of the child as well as offer him the requisite skills all within a Christian environment.

Our Vision

We aim to continually and diligently build the world's greatest school in the minds, hearts and lives of all who know and will ever know it. Through deliberate and sustained improvement in our programmes and facilities, as well our faculty and results, we will reach this lofty ideal.

The Managing Team:



Mr. Henry Anku

Vice Principal

Mrs. Annette Koranchie

Head of PreSchool

Mr. Bernard Agbagba

Head of Upper Primary

Mrs. Irene Oduro

Head of Lower Primary

Mrs. Salome Cudjoe

Head of Junior High

Mr. Albert Annobil

Head of Cambridge

Mr. John Collins

Head of Operations

Mrs. Angella Doe

Head of Administration

Mr. Thomas Arhin

Head of Accounts & Finance

Mrs. Jacinta Manful

Human Resource Manager