December 12, 2021

We Wish All Our Stakeholders A Happy And Prosperous New Year!!!


In line with the information given in our 9th December, 2021 Newsletter, School has reopened in earnest, with effect from Tuesday, 11th January 2022.

Management welcomes all members of the ASSI family back to school. It is profoundly gratifying to see our Angels and Teachers back in their numbers, full of energy and enthusiasm. We wish to acknowledge all our loyal parents for your continuous patronage. We, likewise, commend the diligent efforts of all our hardworking administrative and ancillary staff.

Academic work, based on the Cambridge curriculum, continues for the 2nd Trimester for related departments, from Preschool to G3 and Secondary.

Likewise, 1st Trimester academic work based on the GES curriculum, has commenced for our GES stream, comprising G4B- G6B and JHS.

Theme for Trimester

The overarching theme for this Trimester is “Total Education”. In line with the theme, management, teachers, students and parents will be engaged in school-wide discussions and share thoughts on what Total Education should be about. Anyone could share by way of discussion, both virtually and in-person. There will also be a conference featuring educational experts, including parents, who will engage the entire Angels family on what ‘Total Education’ (holistic education) should be about. There will be subtopics about the theme, audio-visual materials will also be shared with parents. Overall, this should be intriguing and educative

Adherence to COVID-19 Prevention Measures

At ASSI, Management continues to prioritize the health and safety of all our stakeholders, thus, all parents are strongly advised to provide their wards with pocket-sized hand sanitizers and nose masks and reinforce their essence in the fight against the pandemic. All hygiene and sanitation logistics provided during school hours over the past year, will be procured for use accordingly.

Books and Stationery

  1. Textbooks and Stationery for learners in G4B- G6B will be available for sale, from Wednesday, 12th January, 2022. Please contact the officer in charge for your ward’s supplies
  2. Unfortunately, approved textbooks for JHS based on the GES Common Core Programme (CCP) are yet to be released by publishers. Parents will be duly notified when the books become available. In the interim all stationery for JHS learners are available at the bookshop for sale from 12th January, 2022.
  3. Fresh stock of outstanding books for learners in the Cambridge Stream (G1-G6) has been procured for sale at the Bookshop. Please contact your wards’ class teachers for further details.

Homework Schedule

Parents will be duly notified by respective Academic HODs about learners’ homework schedules in due course, for the necessary collaboration especially, in the areas of monitoring and supervision.

Honour Roll

In accordance with the afore-mentioned theme, teacher professionalism, learners’ academic performance and general conduct, and performance of non-academic staff will be closely monitored for the purposes of acknowledging and rewarding distinguished performance at the end of the Trimester.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) for our respective stakeholders will be announced in due course, not only to facilitate the process but also to make the exercise objective and minimize subjectivity.

Revision of Academic Calendar

Management has, in consultation with relevant stakeholders, found it expedient to merge the vacation dates (mid-trimester and end-of-trimester) across all academic departments, to ease the stress encountered last year when we had to combine the Semester System of the JHS with the Trimester System for the rest of the School. This new arrangement takes immediate effect and is reflected in the current Academic Calendar to be released shortly Among the key activities to look out for are the following:
  • ‘Inspire Angels’ (A parent-led motivational programme)
  • Open House (A day set aside for parent-teacher interaction to review learners’ performance)
  • Mid-trimester Exams
  • Mid-trimester break
  • End of trimester Exams
  • Vacation
HODs will update parents on department-specific activities via their respective platforms, during the course of the trimester.

School Bus Service

In response to an increasing demand from parents, Management is in the process of acquiring new buses to expand the scope of this service. There will be a slight upward adjustment in fares not exceeding GhC30, to accommodate rising operational costs. Details will be shared in due course.

Review of Canteen Fees

Feeding fees have been revised minimally per serving as follows:
DepartmentOld PriceNew Price
Pre-SchoolGHC 7.00GHC 9.00
PrimaryGHC 8.00GHC 10.00
JHS & SecondaryGHC 9.00GHC 11.00

Schools Fees

Information on School fees pertaining to all our departments, our fee payment policy and modalities for payment via the School’s bank accounts, have been posted on all platforms. Parents who do not receive our WhatsApp updates are kindly advised to notify the school’s Systems Administrator, Mr. Alfred Sanniez via 0262782962 or 0559412416 for necessary action.

Management will enforce the exclusion of learners for non-payment of full fees (100%), in the case of a single ward or 75% in the case of parents with two or more wards after the deadline of 24th January, 2022.

Only learners of parents with approved Payment Plans will be exempt from the exclusion after the above stated deadline.

We Wish All Our Stakeholders A Happy And Prosperous New Year!!!
December 12, 2021

Reopening In line with the information given in our 9th December, 2021 Newsletter, School has reopened in earnest, with effect from Tuesday, 11th Janua

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